Who are we?

People create memories through associations. If you tell people around you interesting stories, they will remember them for a long time. The story behind COT Media started in 1997 with the launch of one magazine. At present, the company’s activities are divided into three categories: magazine publishing, event organisation and agency PR services, and marketing services.

Do you remember reading your first book and the scent of hot cocoa? Or reading the morning newspaper and the aroma of fresh coffee? Then you believe in the power of print. The portfolio of COT Media includes magazines on prominent subjects such as tourism, transportation and FMCG. We write, translate, photograph, draw, design, print and publish magazines all around the world. We publish magazines for children, teenagers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, economists, managers, tourists/travellers, professionals and employees of international companies. Thanks to our B2C, B2B and B2E magazines, customers, business partners, employees and the general public are aware of the values various companies adhere to and uphold.

We live the stories of our clients. We utilise such experiences and our wealth of knowledge to organise successful B2B events, conferences, breakfast discussions, workshops and/or golf tournaments. Across the Czech Republic, we organise social events that enable the sharing of experiences and interpersonal relationships to thrive, and which support Czech businesses. In addition, the co-owners of COT Media, Eva Frindtová and Gabriela Ben Ahmed, are among the five founders of the STOP Šikaně (STOP Bullying) project which stands up to this silent yet very dangerous social phenomenon.

In November 2013, we received an award from the agency CzechTourism for our extraordinary contribution to the field of specialised media. For five years in a row (2015 to 2019), we made it into the Czech Top 100 list of companies as compiled by Comenius, the Pan-European Society for Culture, Education and Scientific & Technical Cooperation. In 2018 and 2019, we received the D&B Top Rating award according to the internationally acclaimed Dun & Bradstreet methodology.

D&B Top Rating

In 2018 and 2019, COT Media received the D&B Top Rating award according to the internationally acclaimed Dun & Bradstreet methodology.

This award is presented to companies who are able to maintain their D&B Risk Factor Rating at level “1” AAA for a minimum of 12 months. The award is presented in recognition of a company´s stability, solvency and credibility.

Czech TOP 100

In 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 COT Media made it into the prestigious Czech Top 100 list of companies.


establishment of the company (since 1999, known as COT). In January, the first edition of a magazine for tourism professionals was published


expansion in the printed media market (Travelogue, OK Čechija, Be the Best, MyWings CZ/EN/SK/PL/HU, Leo Expres, Leopold)


first edition of Travel Service Magazine (CZ/EN) published– today known as MyWings


opening of our own DTP studio


Grand Tourism Award (from 2003 known as Náš kraj (Our Region)) and since 2010, in conjunction with Trade Fairs Brno (BVV), known as Velká cena cestovního ruchu (Grand Tourism Award)


development of corporate titles (for Czech Chamber of Commerce, Globus, Sanofi, Foxconn)


development of networking events department (Komora and Be the Best magazine launch parties, family companies’ owners meeting, Chamber of Commerce’s Order of the Laurel, Czech Business Diamonds, etc.)


start of professional breakfasts – COTakhle Snídani na Téma


launch of iCOT portal

Vedení společnosti

Eva Frindtová


E-mail: eva.frindtova@cot.cz

Gabriela Ben Ahmed

Founder/Business Development Director

E-mail: gabriela.benahmed@cot.cz

Petr Frindt


E-mail: petr.frindt@cot.cz

Veronika Frindtová

HR Director/Process Development Director

E-mail: veronika.frindtova@cot.cz

Marek Hubač

Editorial Director

E-mail: marek.hubac@cot.cz

Zdeněk Novák

Sales & Marketing Director

E-mail: zdenek.novak@cot.cz